What is SLM WORLD?

A comprehensive event encompassing an international exhibition, an interactive Summit, a dedicated Elevator Awards ceremony, and an unprecedented global initiative - the Elevator Safety Run. This presents an exceptional occasion for all stakeholders to experience cutting-edge technologies, enrich their knowledge and competencies, receive accolades for their excellence, and participate in extensive campaigns to raise awareness about elevator safety.

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international elevator & escalator symposium

Industry Outlook

Vertical-horizontal transportation and mobility industry at a glance

The building access and people flow management industry has come a long way and evolved with Advanced Intelligent and Smart technology driving it in the last decade. With intelligent buildings on the rise, having ‘smart’ homes, offices, hospitality, shopping, leisure and even parking spaces is rapidly becoming a given. The resultant digital transformation has brought enormous innovation and integration of various systems, making access & people flow management a seamless experience and setting trends in the way people move in buildings.

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elevator trade show
SLM Expo

The Expo provides a great opportunity for elevator manufacturers, suppliers, and other related companies to showcase their products, technologies, and services. It allows buyers to explore various offerings, meet new players, compare solutions, and make informed decisions based on their specific requirements. The event is positioned as a platform for buyers to witness the latest products from credible suppliers. The mid and small builders that are owner driven elevator buyers are being specially targeted.

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elevator show
SLM Summit

The Summit will involve panel discussions, keynote speeches, and presentations by industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators. This offers a platform for knowledge exchange, discussing industry trends, addressing various challenges, and exploring future opportunities. Elevator buyers can gain valuable insights, network, and broaden their understanding of the market, products, designs, integrations etc.

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global elevator market
SLM Awards

Designed to recognize the excellence and celebrate the visionaries shaping the vertical growth of India. Architects, builders, and elevator OEMs are invited to participate by submitting nominations in various award categories. The awards will draw attention of stakeholders and enhance the significance of  elevators in real estate growth. Awards will be given to outstanding products, companies, or individuals who have made significant contributions.

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lift & co cannabis business conference & expo
Elevator Safety Run

The Elevator Safety Run is a one-of-a-kind initiative that emphasizes the paramount importance of elevator safety. The run is designed to bring all stakeholders together and demonstrate their commitment to promote safety and raise awareness on this critical aspect. Participants from all over the world will be able to join this global event through physical and virtual run formats.

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Advisory Board Members

Distinguished industry experts and leaders have united to form the advisory panel of Smart Lift and Mobility World, bringing their wealth of experience and knowledge to guarantee collective benefits for all stakeholders.

surveillance exhibition
R Balakrishnan
Vice President & Head MEP Design, L&T
elevator exhibition company
Ravikumar S
Assistant Vice President - Projects(Airport System) BIAL
elevator international expo
Jatin Shah
Managing Director Technical Due Diligence Colliers International
elevator event company
Amit Gossain
Managing Director KONE Elevators India
Safety & Security
Krishna Kumar Ravi
President & CEO PAPL Corp
Entrance Access Control Systems
Rana Ram
Architect RSP Design Consultants
Exhibition for personal safety gears
V. Jagadish Kumar
Principal Consultant & Director L’Avenir Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

Lead Participants 2024

Exhibition for parking solution
Exhibition for lift component and accessories
Exhibition for lift component and accessories

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Exhibition for fire anf safety
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