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A comprehensive event encompassing an international exhibition, an interactive Summit, a dedicated Elevator Awards ceremony, and an unprecedented global initiative - the Elevator Safety Run. This presents an exceptional occasion for all stakeholders to experience cutting-edge technologies, enrich their knowledge and competencies, receive accolades for their excellence, and participate in extensive campaigns to raise awareness about elevator safety.

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The Expo provides a great opportunity for elevator manufacturers, suppliers, and other related companies to showcase their products, technologies, and services. It allows buyers to explore various offerings, meet new players, compare solutions, and make informed decisions based on their specific requirements. The event is positioned as a platform for buyers to witness the latest products from credible suppliers. The mid and small builders that are owner driven elevator buyers are being specially targeted.

EWI Summit

The Elevator World India Summit 2024 serves as an exclusive forum that highlights technological and digital advancements, alongside the integration between building access and people flow management. Notable dignitaries from the real estate design and construction industry address this evolving paradigm that influences the future of elevators, mobility solutions, and entrance control, with a keen focus on inclusivity and sustainability imperatives. This summit provides a concentrated platform for discussing, deliberating, and presenting all pertinent aspects of these transformative advancements. It includes panel discussions, presentations, and informative sessions that enrich the industry with fresh perspectives and valuable insights.

Smart Lift & Mobility Awards

Those who lead the way with pathbreaking initiatives and help nurture them at the initial stage, deserve to be not only acknowledged for their contributions but also recognized as role models worth emulating. Smart Lift & Mobility Awards 2026 will felicitate the leading real estate developers, architects and VHT industry players who have played a crucial role in enabling the integration of the latest advances in technology and leveraging them to the fullest from the planning stage itself right up to the implementation of signature projects with innovations that have effectively raised the bar for accessibility, mobility, inclusivity, sustainability and security, in myriad ways.

Elevator Safety Run

The Elevator Safety Run, a global first initiative that emphasizes the paramount importance of elevator safety. The run is designed to bring all stakeholders together and demonstrate their commitment to promote safety and raise awareness on this critical aspect. Participants from across the globe will be able to join this event through physical and virtual run formats.

Management Team

With a combined phenomenal experience of over five decades within the elevator industry, the leadership brings a wealth of expertise and proven expertise in creating international trade fairs and publications. Guiding the way is Virgo Communications & Exhibitions P Ltd, a driving force in envisioning and successfully initiating a multitude of groundbreaking initiatives since 2007. These accomplishments encompass introducing a dedicated expo solely for elevators and escalators within India, inaugurating the Elevator World India magazine, and extending the reach of the elevator expo to flourishing markets like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Africa.

Anitha Raghunath Director at Virgo Communications and Exhibitions Pvt Ltd
Anitha Raghunath
Director at Virgo Communications and Exhibitions Pvt Ltd
Raghu G Director at Virgo Communications and Exhibitions Pvt Ltd
Raghu G
Director at Virgo Communications and Exhibitions Pvt Ltd
Vashdev SG Vice President
Vashdev SG
Vice President
Shinoz Satthar Senior Project Manager
Shinoz Satthar
Senior Project Manager

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