"Uplifting Elevator Safety Awareness Together," Initiated from India.

Join this Elevator Safety Run & Pledge Your Commitment for Safer Vertical and Horizontal Transportation.

In the contemporary landscape, elevators and mobility solutions have evolved into indispensable elements propelling real estate and infrastructure development. These devices, utilized by millions each day, seamlessly facilitate the movement of people within buildings, enhancing convenience and efficiency. Consequently, ensuring the safety of these products is of utmost significance.


Raising Awareness:

Promoting increased awareness among all users regarding the safe usage of elevators and advocating best practices within the industry.

Showcasing Dedication:

Industry stakeholders committing to delivering high-quality products to prevent accidents.

Accident Prevention:

Unifying all stakeholders in the pursuit of zero accidents.

Encouraging Regulation and Compliance:

Advocating for Mandatory Safety Regulations Across All States to ensure compliance and enhance safety measures.

Collaborative Industry Efforts:

Manufacturers, buyers, and users uniting collectively to enhance the safety of elevator and mobility solutions.

Advancing Continuous Technological Upgrades:

Promoting a culture of ongoing innovation within the industry, urging continuous advancements in smart and preventive technologies.

Elevator Safety Run 2024 Winners

Benefits to run with us!

Cash Price
Goodie bags
Breakfast & Beverages
Medical staff
Warm up and cool down sessions

Who can participate?

Group and individual runners from:




Public & End Users


Celebrity Runners

OEMs & Suppliers

College Students

Global participants

Management and employees of global Elevator and component manufacturers
(India, Germany, China, Russia, Itlay, Turkey, USA & More...)

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How to Participate

Participate in the maiden Elevator Safety Run, a unique event focused on enhancing elevator safety on a global scale. People from around the world can take part in this exceptional event through either physical or virtual running options. Residents of India are encouraged to participate in the physical run, while international participants can virtually join in using a dedicated app.

Participants have the option to run for enjoyment, covering a distance that suits their capabilities. Additionally, professional runners can choose to compete in the 5K, 10K run category.

For more details, please complete the registration process. Your active participation will play a significant role in advocating elevator safety.

Together for a safer tomorrow

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Physical Run

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Virtual Run


What do the terms "virtual Run" and "physical Run" mean?
Virtual Run: participants can join virtually using any dedicated app from their convenient location
Physical Run:participants can only run @BIEC , Tumkur Road, Bengaluru
What is timed and not timed ?
Timed: The timed run -is a competitive run which is accessed by the record chip on the bib .
Non timed - is more a fun run for the enthusiast. A BIB without this timing chip. A Fun run.
What does the participation cost entails or offer ?
T Shirt, medal, breakfast, e-certificate. And a percentage of the collection will be donated for a cause.
Which app is used for run-time tracking?
Any fitness app which has the facility to download the data (Eg: Strava,Nike,Adidas etc.,)
How do I send RUN Data? (Screenshot or Downloaded PDF)?
Participants can Only send the data via mail to jdsportsblr@gmail.com
What is the beginning and ending virtual running time?
2 March 6.30 am to 3 March 10am
What is the deadline for sending the report?
5 march 2024
How much time does it take to get a certificate and medal?
7 to 10 working days
Is the reward open to everyone or is it based on age?
Above 15 years are eligible for the reward